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We welcome you to browse through our web site to learn more about the Kiger Mustang breed and its long and fascinating history. Here, too, you will find information about activities and events all across the country. You can find Kiger horses for sale, stallion services, and equine related products and services. Be sure and visit our subsidiary International Alliance of Kiger Mustang Breeders. You will find a link on the Breeders page. We have a wide variety of photographs in our photo gallery representing the Kiger Mustang in many horse equestrian activities, generously submitted to us by owners of these magnificent animals.


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2016 News


Notice of annual meeting of members to be held September 8, 2016 at 12:00 Noon Pacific time zone. Meeting will be via conference call for all members. An email will be sent to all members with details for attending the meeting.


Its a Dun Deal!


Kiger Horse Association & Registry is proud to announce the completion of the largest ON LINE Kiger Mustang data base in the world! This International Kiger Mustang Directory is an excellent resource tool for prospective buyers to use before purchasing their Kiger Mustang. Kiger horses are listed alphabetically by their registered names.


The International Kiger Mustang Directory includes all known registered authentic Kiger Mustangs whose pedigrees have been verified and traced back to either the Kiger or Riddle HMA. Kiger Mustangs gathered from the wild from Kiger and Riddle HMA and adopted out, and their domestic bred offspring, if registered, can be included in this directory.


If you own an authentic Kiger Mustang and your Kiger is not listed here, please contact us about your Kiger. We would like this list to be as accurate and inclusive as possible as a means of providing a thorough resource for the public to utilize, especially for potential buyers wanting to be certain the horse they are considering is both registered and authentic.


To visit this Kiger Mustang Directory, just click on the tab "Kiger Directory" on the left hand side of this page. We hope that you find this information helpful.


KHAR ............. Raising the Bar!!!

2015 What a great year!!!!

As we reflect on this past year of 2015, many great things have happened in the Kiger community!


KHAR would like to send a warm and genuine thank you to all that have supported KHAR this past year.  It has been a very busy and successful year for the Kiger Horse Association & Registry, and for the Kiger breed as a whole. We wouldn't be where we are today without the support of our members! Thank you!!!!



This was a huge accomplishment for the Kiger breed!  The unification of the Kiger registries has been a work in progress for many years.  KHAR & SMKR are now one.  They have officially united into the one and only authentic Kiger mustang registry, representing the largest Kiger mustang registry and data base in the world! 


Having multiple Kiger registries caused confusion and created division within the Kiger community.  This unity is an important milestone that will further help to assure a long term future for the Kiger breed, and has been a greatly needed unifiation.  This was done for the benefit of the Kiger breed......those magnificent beautiful dun factored horses that come from Kiger and Riddle Mtn HMA's that we all treasure so much!  With KHAR's International representation, its transparency, and its professionalism, the Kiger mustang will shine brighter than ever before! Kiger Horse Association & Registry is VERY proud of this accomplishment.



The BLM put on a spectacular event in October, the, Kiger Khrome adoption, with over 150 Kigers that were all adopted!  There were adopters from all over the world including Sweden, New Zealand, Mexico, Austria, and more!  Old friends met again, and new friends were made.  There were some outstanding horses up for adoption and many of those that were fortunate enough to take one of these Kigers home are sharing their experiences of gentling them on social networks!   What did we ever do before Facebook?



We have had some of our members participate in some great promotional events this past year!  A big hand to those in Sweden, Germany and Canada for their efforts in promoting internationally!  We have members getting their horses out in the public eye daily participating in dressage, endurance, showing, trail riding, gymkhana, lessons, youth activities, and more!  Keep up the great work!


KHAR would like to encourage all Kiger owners to share their Kiger posts on the KHAR Facebook page.  Please share photos of your Kigers, announcements of events you might know about, or are participating in, progress on your newly adopted Kiger!   Help us promote this magnificent breed!



KHAR was founded on several premises, honesty and integrity within the Board of Directors, transparency concerning the found horses, and to always remember that it is about the Kiger mustang and not egos. Within the KHAR organization not one of these has been breached. The elected KHAR Board of Directors are pleasant to get along with, proud of their organization, they have honesty and integrity, and above all, regard the Kiger mustang with utmost importance. 


KHAR has international representation with directors in Germany, Sweden, and Switzerland and Canada.  KHAR is dedicated to the preservation and promotion of the Kiger Mustang Breed, and the promotion of both owner and breeder responsibility, acting as ambassadors of the breed to ensure the protection and quality of Kiger Mustangs.   



KHAR developed the International Alliance of Kiger Mustang Breeders which continues to grow its membership.  This is a subsidiary / affiliate of Kiger Horse Association and Registry.   One of the main focuses of the International Alliance of Kiger Mustang Breeders is to promote high standards and ethical breeding practices in order to preserve the integrity of the Kiger Mustang.


2016 & BEYOND

We are looking forward to an exciting year for the Kiger horse.  There are some great things in the works that will help to further promote and bring the Kiger horse more stability.  The future for the Kiger mustang is bright!


KHAR would like to invite all Kiger adopters and enthusiasts to join the KHAR team, make new friends, get acquainted, and talk about this magnificent breed. Partnership up with KHAR as we promote this magnificent breed and help to make the Kiger horse the most desired horse in the world! 


KHAR is an international organization that is committed to preserving the Authentic Kiger Mustang, sparking interest in the Kiger Mustang breed as a versatile mount, and assisting Kiger Mustang breeders and Kiger Mustang owners alike in the pleasure of owning such a magnificent breed. KHAR is a non-profit organization listed as a 501c3 non profit corporation.  It is that time of year to renew your membership.  We offer payment through PayPal on our membership page.  Your membership fees help to fund various aspects of the operations of KHAR including promotional material (banners, brochures, website hosting, etc), state business fees, and other operational expenses. 

United We Stand!

KHAR.......................... Raising the bar for the Kiger breed!

~ News and Notices ~


International Alliance of Kiger Mustang Breeders

Application for membership in the International Alliance of Kiger Mustang Breeders are available now and can be found on the Breeders page or Membership page. This Alliance of Breeders will help promote high standards and ethical breeding practices, one more step in helping to preserve the integrity of the Kiger Mustang. KHAR is excited to be introducing this newly developed world wide alliance of Kiger Mustang breeders! Check back soon to learn more about this Alliance of Breeders.

Special Registration Discounts for 2016

KHAR is currently offering the following SPECIAL DISCOUNTS to all MEMBERS for Traditional and Appendix registrations:

The above specials also require DNA testing ($35 per horse) or a copy of previous DNA test results, a completed registration application, a copy of previous registration certificate, front and back, a copy of BLM paperwork if freeze branded, and photos for inspection (front, rear, both sides, dorsal, freeze brand, head view). Be sure and get your paperwork in before these special discounts end.

Photos & Articles Wanted!

Members and non-members, we welcome photos, articles, news, or anything interesting related to the Kiger Mustang horse for our website and newsletter. If you have a Kiger Mustang involved in some sort of horse activity and would like to share it with us, please contact one of the directors listed under membership.

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