Welcome to the Kiger Horse Association & Registry

KHAR is a nationwide organization that is committed to preserving the Kiger Mustang breed, sparking interest in the Kiger Mustang breed as a versatile mount, and assisting Kiger Mustang breeders and Kiger Mustang owners alike in the pleasure of owning such a wonderful equine. KHAR is a non-profit organization listed as a 501c3.

We welcome you to browse through this Web site to learn more about the Kiger Mustang breed and its long and fascinating history. Here, too, you will find information about activities and events all across the country. There is a marketplace where you can find horses, products and services, as well as our Kiger Mustang stallion and breeder directories. The photo gallery has a variety of photographs of Kiger Mustang horses generously submitted to us by owners of these magnificent animals.

~ News and Notices ~

Members and non members, we welcome photos, articles, news, or anything interesting related to the Kiger Mustang horse for our website and newsletter. If you have a Kiger Mustang involved in some sort of horse activity and would like to share it with us, please contact one of the directors listed under membership.

KHAR is currently offering the following SPECIAL DISCOUNTS to all members for registrations:

$10 registration fee for any freeze branded Kiger from any of the Kiger adoptions

FREE registration on any previously KMA or SMKR registered Kiger

and one additional discount for both members and non members as follows:

Two for the price of one on the registration fees ($25 for member and $50 for non member)

The above specials also require DNA testing ($35 per horse) or a copy of previous DNA test results, a completed registration application, a copy of previous registration certificate, front and back, a copy of BLM paperwork if freeze branded, and photos for inspection (front, rear, both sides, dorsal, freeze brand, head view). Be sure and get your paperwork in before these special discounts end July 2014!

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