~ Meet the Directors ~

his group of people represent folks from all around the world bringing a vast knowledge of not only the Kiger mustang and horses in general, but with resources and experience in marketing, administrative skills, public relations, horse training, and more. And with this group comes plenty of enthusiasm, excitement, and leadership that will help unite all Kiger mustang owners future, past, and present! We are excited about the upcoming year and the future of the Kiger mustang!

President - Steven Polinger

freespiritjaguar (at) gmail.com

Location: Arizona

Vice President - Kevin Sink

klstormyranch (at) msm.com

Location: Oregon


Secretary - Kay Hamilton

angyl1950 (at) yahoo.com

Location: Oregon


Treasurer - Kara Benson

karamaegan24 (at) gmail.com

Location: Texas



Western States - Lisa Sink

stormyranch (at) msn.com

Location: Oregon

Central States - Michelle Clarke

ranchobayo (at) gmail.com

Location: Texas


Eastern States - Helen Williamson

hihellvenston (at) yahoo.com

Location: Florida

Germany - Kerstin Kruse-Völkers

info (at) real-kiger-mustang-ranch.de

Location: Germany


Sweden - Jessica Monasdotter

jmonasdotter (at) gmail.com

Location: Sweden

Canada - Bert Mourits

bertmourits83 (at) gmail.com

Location: Canada


Switzerland - Markus Schori

mschori (at) bieriag.ch

Location: Switzerland






Shari Woods

sharidavewoods (at) gmail.com

Location: Oregon

Betty Linnell

kigers4u (at) gmail.com

Location: Oregon


Michele Clarke

ranchobayo (at) gmail.com

Location: Texas



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