~ Member Forms ~

All forms are in PDF format. Click on the links to download the forms. If you have any trouble with a download, please email kigerhorse@gmail.com for assistance.


Membership Application
Application for joining KHAR

Breeder Member Application
Application for membership in the International Alliance of Kiger Mustang Breeders Directory

Breeder Listing Supplemental Application
Supplemental application for the International Alliance of Kiger Mustang Breeders listings and services

Code of Ethics for Breeders
Form to be signed by all breeders that are members of the International Alliance of Kiger Mustang Breeders

Proxy Form
Form for using your proxy privileges. This form must be given to someone that you trust to be your representative vote at any meeting.

Rule Change
Form for suggesting a rule change. This form must be received by KHAR with enough time for review and publishing of ballot. Exact date is based on the Annual Meeting, but May 1 is a good reference date for the due date of this form.

Our Mission Statment

By-Laws- Contact a KHAR Director

Declare Candidacy
Form for declaring yourself a viable candidate for any position on the Board of Directors.

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