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Shari Woods

Shari WoodsShari grew up with horses riding her first horse at the age of two. She especially enjoys working with children and sharing her horses with those less fortunate in owning their own horse. Shari is an accomplished horse trainer with extensive experience judging for open breed horse shows.

Shari spent many years with her dad at the race tracks learning various techniques from numerous trainers. She received hands on horse training from renown Pete Villa, a spade bit Californio reinsman who was head trainer for the Davis family of Santa Barbara, California. Through her training with Pete Villa she received valuable education on how to put a horse into the bridle which in turn gave her an incredible reputation for her horsemanship abilities. At that time, she was considered the only fully accomplished female spade bit reinsman.

In addition to her horsemanship skills, Shari is extremely outgoing, friendly, and incredibly witty. She is current president of a successful 40+ year equine organization and is an accomplished artist. She brings to the association many attributes and a strong desire to see the Kiger horse recognized for the quality breed that it truly is.

Shari at Trail TrialShari WoodsShari & Bendicion

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