~ Registration Director #2 ~

Betty Linnell

Betty Linnell BendicionWhen people have the pleasure of encountering Betty one realizes immediately that she has many talented skillful facets gracefully fine tuned to the professional level. She portrays herself as a confident, but yet, sensitive person who takes pride and satisfaction in all tasks laid before her, always striving with willingness and dedication to complete these responsibilities within a timely manor with the utmost professionalism.

Betty demonstrated her great organization skills very young organizing all of her siblings bedrooms and sometimes even dotting her little sisters “i’s” and crossing her “t’s”. She was an extremely popular student, was active in and loved by her high school student body, played in the band, and participated in many other facets of high school graduating top in her class.

You can find Betty riding her horse or taking long walks in the country accompanied with her camera. She is an accomplished wildlife photographer and also enjoys taking many pictures of her 10 grandchildren and her wonderful horses.

Today Betty has incorporated her childhood passions for business administration and horses into being the owner / operator of a successful insurance business for over twenty years, plus co owner of Three Creeks Ranch / Double L Kiger & Cattle Company. She has developed an extensive background in marketing, sales, accounting, horses, and photography. Additionally she possesses a willingness, dedication, and commitment to help with the success of this association.

Betty will be a true asset to the Kiger Horse Association & Registry. She has already demonstrated a strong outspoken advocacy for the preservation of the Kiger horse for type and the need for a strong professional registry which would protect this horse type from registry destruction, so that future generations will be able to enjoy this romantic part of American history.

One would only have to meet Betty to understand her drive for the preservation of this fine breed. She encompasses a tremendous love for horses having owned many different breeds. When the Wild Horse & Burro act of 1971 was passed she would daydream of one day owning a mustang. When she married her husband DeWayne fifteen years ago her dream came true. They immediately adopted several Nevada mustangs, and eventually adopted numerous Kiger Mustangs, which they still own, breed and cherish on their ranch today.

Betty & Sundance

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