~ Registration Forms ~

All forms are in PDF format. Click on the links to download the forms. If you have any trouble with a download, please email ikigerhorse@gmail.com for assistance.


Traditional & Appendix Application
Do you need to register your pure-bred Kiger Mustang? Fill out and submit this form.

DNA Test Kit
Do you need to DNA test your Kiger Mustang? Use this form to submit a DNA sample for testing. NOTE: If your horse has been tested with one of the other laboratories, you can supply that lab's DNA results in lieu of testing.

Partblood Application
Do you have a half Kiger or partblood Kiger? Fill out and submit this form.

Breeder's Certificate
Did you recently sell your foal and want to provide the new owner with a Breeder's Certificate? Fill out and submit this form.

Stallion Report
Did your stallion service mares this past year? Fill out and submit this form.

Breed Standard

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